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The U.S. Customs Service’s Informed Compliance and Modernization Act of 1993 (Mod Act) imposes on the Customs Service and importers a shared responsibility in the administration of trade. Thus, Customs and importers have entered a new era, obligating the importer to correctly value and classify imported merchandise and Customs to properly assess duties, collect accurate statistics and determine whether any other requirement of the law is met. The shared responsibility obligation is to be implemented through informed compliance and reasonable care.

Under the Mod Act, importers have the responsibility of vigilance in keeping abreast of Customs’ instructions, which may take the form of: rulings (final or proposed modifications and reversals); regulations (draft, proposed or final); and policy statements. The Customs Service disseminates information via:

  • Notices in the Federal Register (published daily)

  • The Customs Bulletin And Decisions (published weekly)

  • The Customs Electronic Bulletin Board (CEBB) (updated as appropriate)

  • Seminars

Although most importers want to stay up to date on the U.S. Customs Regulations many just don’t have the time to keep up to date on changes and/or modifications to the Customs Regulations by reading the Federal Register, Customs Bulletin, CEEB, or attending seminars. In an effort to help importers remain vigilant on customs matters, R. A. Piña & Associates, Inc. offers the Piña Customs Update® which is published electronically once per month.

The Piña Customs Update® provides importers with a summary of important decisions reached by the Court of International Trade and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit as well as notices published by the U.S. Customs Service in the Federal Register, Customs Bulletin and the CEEB. The cost of the Customs Update is $99 per year and includes monthly Customs Alerts.



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