US Advisory Customs Advisory Services

R.A. Piña & Associates, Inc.’s Customs Advisory Services (PCAS) offers importers the following U.S. Customs consulting services:

Compliance Evaluations:
The U.S. Customs rules and regulations are constantly changing forcing importers to be ever vigilant on satisfying the requirements of importing into the United States. PCAS will review your operations to determine procedural weaknesses and make recommendations so that you can be prepared in the event you’re selected for a Focused Assessment or Regulatory Audit.

In-House Seminars:
PCAS conducts private in-house seminars customized to your organization’s specific needs. Seminar topics include: Importing 101; Chapters 3, 4, 5 Nafta – “Trade In Goods”; Saving Money By Using Preferential Tariff Provisions; Recordkeeping Requirements; Classification And Valuation Of Imported Merchandise; Country Of Origin Marking Requirements; Determining The Country Of Origin Of Imported Goods; Preparing For A Nafta Origin Verification Visit; An Overview Of Mexico’s Maquiladora Program Including Article 303 Of The Nafta.

PCAS will assist in determining if your importations satisfy the Nafta rules of origin and will explain the company’s legal responsibilities under Chapter 5 of the Nafta. In addition, PCAS can conduct a mock Nafta Origin Verification Visit of the maquiladora operation to ensure that it can defend its Nafta claims.

Classification & Valuation:
PCAS provides assistance in classifying goods imported into the United States. In addition, PCAS provides assistance in establishing the customs value of imported goods in accordance with the valuation principles stipulated in the Trade Agreements Act of 1979.



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