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Piña Customs Webconferences:

Approximately once a month, we hold a webconference on the following subjects:

  • The legal requirements of importing into the United States.
  • The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
  • The NAFTA marking rules.
  • NAFTA origin verifications.
  • The requirements of country of origin markings.
  • Preferential tariff provisions 9801 and 9802.
  • Customs valuation principles.
  • Computed value and the ACS Reconciliation Prototype.
  • The classification of imported merchandise under the HTSUS.
  • Mexico’s Maquiladora industry and Article 303 of the NAFTA.
  • Common mistakes made by importers of Maquiladora shipments.
  • Correcting Customs related mistakes.

    If you would like information on the webconferences please contact us.

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