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According to the U.S. Customs Service’s Regulatory Audit Division, customs auditors are finding that few importers have an import compliance manual which counts as a deficiency in a Focused Assessment. Apparently most importers don’t have the time or the wherewithal to create an import compliance manual. To be of assistance, we created the U.S. Customs Import Procedures Manual This 151 page manual provides importers with the basic import procedures necessary to satisfy the Reasonable Care standards imposed by the Customs Service. The manual is written for a large company but because it is published electronically in a Word Format it can be tailored to any size company. Cost is $199.


Company Policy Regarding U.S. Customs Importation Requirements.
Internal Memo to Departments.
U.S. Customs Import Procedures:

  • American Goods Returned

  • Articles Assembled Abroad of U.S. Origin

  • Articles Repaired or Altered Abroad

  • Assists

  • Audits

  • Bonds

  • Classification of Imported Merchandise

  • Commercial Invoice Requirements

  • Country of Origin Determinations

  • Country of Origin Markings

  • Defective Merchandise

  • Entry Summary Review

  • Instruments of International Traffic

  • Liquidation of Customs Duties

  • The Nafta Certificate of Origin

  • Notices of Action

  • Overages, Shortages & Damages

  • Penalty Notices

  • The U.S. Customs ACS Reconciliation Prototype

  • Recordkeeping Requirements

  • Requests for Information

  • Temporary Importations under Bond

  • Value

The manual contains the following reference materials: The U.S. Customs Reasonable Care Checklist; The J List of Marking Exceptions; Frequent Errors in Invoicing: Customs Penalty Notices; The Principles of Tariff Classification; The ACS Reconciliation Prototype; Compendium of Customs Terms.



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